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Started by Daddymem, May 02, 2005, 07:36:01 AM

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This topic instructs how to post pictures using a previous forum version and most importantly an older version of Photobucket. There is a new topic entitled, "Photobucket How To" that covers the Novemeber 2007 version of Photobucket. ... Moderator, MountainDon

Here is the first tip - use the picture frame icon on the top line above the edit box. If you hover your mouse over it it says "insert image".

Insert the address between these tags:
[*img] [*/img]
the *...are there to so the tags show. You will not see them when you use the icon.


When you are typing your original post the 4th icon above the smileys will give you the bracketed img as daddymem said above- you can then paste the location between them.  With the Firefox browser if you don't do it in chronological order as you are typing you will have to cut and paste the img and brackets before and after the tinypic link as they will be inserted at the end of the typing on the last paragraph.

I modified your first one so that the pics will show- you can go to it and click modify to look at how it is done.

I nearly forgot-- you can copy the link tinypic gives you with the IMG brackets already included- the caps don't seem to be a problem - and paste it to your posting.  It will usually work - sometimes with certain images there is nothing I can do to get it to post from tinypic without using a link to tinypic.  Possibly something to do with size- haven't quite figured that one out yet.


A little more info on posting pictures - see if this helps or makes it worse. ;D

 To post pictures from the net you can right click on the image with Firefox - copy image location, paste it between the two  [img] brackets in the center- I don't know if that works with MS Internet Exploder or not..  
from your computer - host it on tinyic or photobucket.  Know the picture location on your computer - browse it with one of the programs -click host it -then copy the url and put it between the brackets or copy the one with the [img] brackets on it already and paste it in the message box.

Note that you may have an occasional problem with this - sometimes I retry using the message box image brackets then just the url from Tinypic or Photobucket between them rather than the complete img tag from them.


Explorer--right-click on the image, select "Properties" down at the bottom, that gives you the URL.  

Copy the URL
 and paste here, select, click the picture icon above.  Grin as you hit preview!  The last is mandatory the first time.  Optional is hitting one palm with the other fist and shouting "Yes!"

Remember to post it.


Here's the URL for the little Dan Beard log bank picture (not very visible, but also not very large)

here it is, selected, with the picture icon added.
You can probably use HTML here for this, but I've forgotten how.  It's just more keystrokes than hitting the picture icon.


Chuck asked me about the differences between Photobucket and Yahoo-

Not gospel, but here are my observations.

Yahoo is a good place to store groups of photos and make them public so anyone can see them.  Try linking it to your posting though and you will find that they do something to prevent photo's from being leached - in other words -if they don't benefit from it they block it.  Yahoo now has a group easy loader that makes putting in photo groups easier, if you can figure it out -I finally stumbled on it but can't remember what all I did - It adds an extension to Firefox - don't know about Internet Exploder.  Reload after install then go a page farther than you think you should and you may find it.  Confused????  Me too.

Photobucket isn't too good a place to store albums - all the urls etc - not as pretty and problems loading large groups of pix it seems - but it is great for storing online images for forums like John's and keeps them filed iin groups for later recovery or re-use along with multiple tag formats at the bottom of the picture.  After you load photos into Yahoo you can click the load from url on Photobucket and get the image from your pix or any other one on the net - paste the url into Photobucket.


Every digital camera I've ever had has come bundled with somebody's photo editing program.  If yours didn't, sometimes you can find last year's edition of something like Paint Shop Pro quite inexpensively.  But a good many of the ones billed as simple are perfectly fine.  I just don't know the current crop of budget programs.

Some of them have higher learning curves than others, but cropping resizing and rotating should all be pretty easy.  Not to mention saving as various qualities of JPEG (this forum accepts JPEG--nearly everything does, it's a compression program that increasingly turns your picture into mush as the file sizes get smaller).

I've mostly used Paint Shop Pro, although I've generally got at least two photo editing programs on the computer.  Out of pure stubbornness, I refuse to do PhotoShop (has something to do with the people who believe that using PhotoShop makes them professionals, run into a few that get right condescending about it--it's also got a pretty steep learning curve).

It's not quite so important here, but I used to try to cut pictures I sent to friends with slow dial-up connections down below 50k by juggling the size and the amount of compression.

Seems like Windows used to--around the days of ME--rotate and size.  And there's always the trick of mailing the photo to yourself, asking Windows to resize it for you.


More drivel from me about using Yahoo pictures in postings etc.  May be more clear than the info I posted earlier- may not.

You probably have heard this before but for those who haven't, pictures from your Yahoo album or other places on the web are fairly easy to use in your postings too.  I've had trouble with Yahoo shutting off my loadings to postings -they may check for leaching-(linking to their copy of your photo to a posting without them benefitting from advertising- etc) so to make it work without problems, open the picture in Yahoo - right click the photo for properties or get image location - copy the url.  Open your Photobucket account  -click the get photo from url button - highlight or erase the http// place marker - paste your photo url from Yahoo to the space and submit.

In seconds it will be posted from the other web location and you can copy the IMG tag line direct to your posting.  I do this all quite ea=sily with multiple tabs on Firefox.  Switching back and forth just takes a split second.  

Photobucket Free Image Hosting and Photo Management


A new and very simplified image upload service has debuted:

No need to create an account -- just upload an image within their homepage and use the link shown on the next page.


Here's a good [highlight]Step-by-step [/highlight]that Glenn worked up:

Start a free account at Photobucket  

Register- log in - go to-- Upload Videos/ Browse  click the browse button - it will look on your computer - browse to the My Documents/Printscreen files/screenshot 001 or the name of the file you want.  

This also works with other images/pictures  on your computer.  Double click the file name then click the upload button.  

The picture will appear on your Photobucket album.  Below the picture are 3 tags.  

Copy the img code tag --click on it and it should copy -- if not then highlight it - right click - copy then paste it into the message reply window between the IMG brackets (made by the little picture frame on the icon toolbar).  This works for all photos or screenshots.

Example - note that I added the quotes and the first hyphen to keep the file from appearing so you could see what I am talking about.  Even though this looks complicated, it isn't - the program names it and everything -you just click buttons and copy and paste.


Gary O

 Folks, I'm pretty much a lazy ignopotamus when it comes to learning today's electronic processes to get done what I want to do.

But fiddling around with photobucket twanged my last nerve.

A kid from the UK just told me about 'imgur'

S-o-o-o-o-o-o simple, so so simple

....and that's all I'm gonna say

Here's an click presto;

I'm enjoying all that I own, the moment.

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