Builder's Guide to energy efficient construction

Started by John Raabe, December 23, 2005, 09:35:50 AM

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John Raabe

Here is a very good "Field Guide" publication done by the Washington State Energy Office.

The blue links at the site (pictured above but not live) will start the download of a PDF file. These will show up in Adobe Acrobat Reader. There you can save or print the file. These files do not tell you they are loading and will take some time, especially with dial-up, so be patient. Of most interest for folks not building in WA will be the helpful construction diagrams in chapters 2 through 9. These are appropriate for all heating climates.

Here is a link to the reader. Be sure you have the current version installed.
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Here is a little utility that does the Adobe Acrobat speedup hack for you...if you don't know what that is, there is a flaw (in my opinion) in Acrobot in that the program looks for plugins every time it loads...and it does it slowly.  This application will only look for and load the plugins you actually have, thus speeding up load time, of course this will not speed up a download over the internet, just the program opening.
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