Re: Southern Colorado Land Info. needed

Started by glenn-k, April 11, 2006, 12:41:49 AM

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Welcome to the forum.  Hope we can be of help.  


Yep---we like it all. :)

Now - back to selling myself for money. :-/



Got any parcels in mind?  Walsenberg and Trinidad are not especially close.  Lot of country in between.  Have to be careful as you go West on 160.  San Luis Valley is one cold mother in the winter.  Alamosa often has the lowest low in Colo during the winter.  They trade off with Grandby and Grand Lake.  There's nothing much out there in the way of shopping.  That's why the prices may seem so reasonable.

Think there's a parcel for sale around there on this site.


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Cabin for sale, check this post:

We love the place but can't get there enough to enjoy it and there are so many other places in the country/world to see.


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It seems there is something special about a place you build yourself, Nanda.  You know everything about every piece of it you handle, make or install.