what I love about Oklahoma

Started by Homegrown Tomatoes, May 05, 2008, 04:28:37 PM

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  Last week I took the wife for her birthday to visit her friend in Woodward (YUK!) And while we were there we did some looking around and wound up in the neatest little town I have been to in quite a long time,...........Freedom,Ok. .......Even the name is cool. Down in a canyon on the Cimarron River, Quite and clean with and old west look about it. Plus it was a real treat to get out of the d@mn wind! I don't care much for western Ok. but that little town was realy nice. :)
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Homegrown Tomatoes

Though in general I don't think western OK is as pretty as east of I-35, it does have some notable exceptions.  :)  I like Okarche, especially as the sun is setting or rising.  I do like some of the southwest part of the state, though, down around the Wichita mountains.

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I don't know what the taxes are.  Probably plenty.
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