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Started by ClubMike, February 27, 2005, 09:21:15 AM

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My land is in the Ozarks, I do not live there yet, but I do spend a lot of weekends there. Lots of hills and seclusion. Land was cheap, taxes are cheap, locals are friendly, hey what more can I ask for?

I will be building my cabin soon on my property and then who knows, maybe I will quit my city job and spend the rest of days goofing off in the woods.



Hi Mike.  What part of the Ozarks?  I have land east of Springfield, Missouri....


My land is south of Rolla about 25 or so miles. Nice gravel road access. I have a couple of old logging roads so I have pretty easy access.

All I have is woods and rocks and ticks. But its all mine and I have a good time there. Someday I will build me my cabin, but for now I just enjoy the property the way it is.