Rules/Codes for building on vacant land

Started by hnash53, January 26, 2006, 11:29:09 AM

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In asking around, I am getting mixed responses about how subject to rules/codes one is when building one's own place on totally vacant land.

If one's land is out of city limits, with no elec/sewer/water service, who is there to say what one can/can't do on one's own property?

Insights, wisdom would be appreciated.




Inside incorporated towns the city fathers will have a zoning and building department to govern construction, code and permit issues.

Outside the jurisdiction of such towns, the governmental default is the county (or sometimes the state).

Call up your county main information number and ask about permits needed for a new residence. There may be three agencies that have something to say on what can be built:
• Zoning Dept. - set backs, building heights, uses of the structure, etc.
• Health Dept. - septic and water systems
• Building Dept. - actual construction of the building

In some rural counties the process is pretty simple and sometimes non-existent.