Second floor joist planning

Started by nvhumbug, February 19, 2021, 01:21:28 PM

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 We are planning on breaking ground on a 24 x 40 cabin using the 1 1/2 story cabin plans. We are having problems finding 24 foot 2 x 12s so are thinking of using Ijoist on 16' centers. The Ijoists are very expensive at 70.00 each. Anyone have any ideas for reducing costs?

Nate R

Nope. By me, today, a 24' 2x12 (#2 or better) is $87, or $95 if you want SYP.

24 foot clear span ain't gonna be cheap no longer how you do it.....


I'd probably span the 24' with a glulam and bear the joists on that, parallel with the 40' axis...
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Record home sales, low mortgage rates, and storm cycles will kick prices upwards. This was after all the fires in the west last summer.
It's a little odd to have higher prices in February but those 4 things will do the trick.
It's truly a speculative supply and demand cycle.
20 years ago I found 24" DF 2x12 in stock at my local yard, now I don't even bother asking.
Historical graph of market prices:


A bit confused, a 2x12 won't span 24'. I've done it with I joists as mentioned or trussed joists. It is hard to make spans of that length "feel" good, vibration complaints are pretty common.
One way to possibly reduce cost would be a center girder or wall that reduces the span to 12', then  2x8 x 12'ers would be adequate for the span.



I just bought about 220 board feet of the highest grade kiln dried cherry wood for $2.02 per board foot.

I haven't been the the local sawmills for framing lumber, but I bet they haven't doubled or tripled prices like the big box stores.

As long as your state allows it, you might consider checking out your local mills if you can work a couple posts into your downstairs plan. If you decide to span 24' clear make sure they spec it for tile if you want that in your upstairs bathroom.