Cutting your lumber with a Band Saw

Started by glenn-k, November 10, 2004, 11:54:22 AM

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The chainsaw mill such as the Alaskan or others will make timbers and boards with a lot of work and a large kerf so a lot of waste, but has the advantage of machinery investment being relatively cheap.  I bought a bandsaw used for $3500 that will cut 20' logs and up to appx 30" diameter.  The kerf from most small bandsaws is 1/8" so there is very little waste.  I can cut clapboard  siding 1/2 inch thick or less if desired, accurately.  It will also cut as large a beam as will fit under the carriage and can be extended to any length by buying or fabricating more track sections.

Occasionally there are cheap used mills here

or ask around your local area if you are in timber country.

A bit more expensive but well worth it if you have a need for lots of lumber. :D