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Started by MountainDon, November 01, 2011, 12:54:05 AM

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Click on the video below and listen to Levon Helm (The Band) while you read about this new feature.   :)

It is now possible to embed a video directly into a topic post.  [cool]  That is, most videos that are posted on video host services such as YouTube and Vimeo may now be posted and then viewed right in the topic, rather than having to follow a link to the other service for viewing there. At this point it does not seem possible to place this sort of embedded video for those hosted on Photobucket>:(

There are two methods available. Hopefully one of them works for you.

My personal choice is super simple. We have added a modification to the software. This change allows a user to simply copy the URL from the video host page address bar and paste it into the topic post here on CountryPlans Forum. This is what I used to insert the above video.

That's it.  :D  It's a done deed once you click the "Post" button. If you are fortunate your selected video should appear in the topic message. If the video does not present itself in the message post, there may still be hope with the alternate method. I somehow did manage to find a couple of videos on YouTube that defied working with this simple copy & Paste the URL method.   >:(

The second method demands more effort on your part.  I will describe how to use this using a YouTube video as an example.

1.  Open the video in YouTube. If it begins to play press the pause control.

2.  Find the 'Share' button.  Click the 'Share' button.

3.  Find the 'Embed' button.  Click on the 'Embed' button.

4.  There may be a delay; an embed code should appear. It should be highlighted. Copy the embed code. (Right click; select 'copy', is one method.)

5.  Return to CountryPlans Forum. If you have not started a new topic or opened a reply window already, do so.

6.  Find the "Insert Embed" button from the choices that are presented above the field where you write your post. This button is in the second row of buttons, second button from the left. The first button in that row is an "f" in a red circle. Immediately to the right of the 'insert flash' button is the "Insert Embed" button. Click the "Insert Embed" button.

7.  The following code will appear in the message field. 


These are the embed tags.  The cursor will be positioned between the square brackets  ][  to the left of [/embed].

8.  The embed code from YouTube needs to be pasted where the cursor is, between the embed tags. An easy way of accomplishing this is to press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the "V" key. Release the Ctrl key.

9.  Add any text you wish to accompany the video, either before or after the  embed tags. Insert a line feed (press Enter) to insert a space between the text and the video tags for increased readability.

10.  Click the "Post" button to save the video.

Hopefully the video will be displayed in the topic post. If not, well, maybe that video is simply not compatible with either of these methods.

If the second method is being used and the video source is someplace other than YouTube there may not be a 'Share' button. There may be an 'Embed' button. There may be many things or nothing at all. There is no standard. Not all video host sites have an 'embed video' available.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


The illustrated instructions.

This method should work for most YouTube videos. It should also work for other video hosting services such as Vimeo. At the present time this does NOT work with videos on Photobucket.

Open the video in a YouTube page. This is typical of what is seen at the screen top...

If you left click on the URL, the URL will highlight like this...

If you left clicked to highlight, then right click to open the drop down menu and then select Copy.  You can also simply Right Click on the URL and skip the above step.

Now go to the Country Plans topic where the video is to be displayed. Paste the copied URL into the message field.  You will see the URL printed out something like this....

You will NOT yet see the video.  You may select the Preview and then the video should appear in the preview.

If the video does not display in the preview nor the completed message after clicking on the Post button check what you have done.  It is possible the video you selected will not work here. In that case there is an alternate method which will be illustrated below.


Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Illustrated, Part Two

If the above method does not work for the video you tried here is the alternate method.

As above the video URL must be copied from the YouTube, or other, page.  The first three steps pictured above remain the same.

Once the URL has been copied go to the Country Plans compose message page/tab.

Look for the icon that is circled in red in the image below...

Clicking on that icon will insert the following code in the compose message field...

Do NOT type anything in the compose message field after clicking on the embed code button. The cursor will be flashing within the newly inserted code.

Paste the video URL into the inserted code. The easiest way to Paste the URL into the right place is to use the keyboard shortcut. Press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the "V" key. 

That should be it!
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.