Solar Saltbox Addition plans

Started by John Raabe, August 08, 2009, 07:03:36 PM

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John Raabe

This may be of interest to folks who have purchased the Solar Saltbox plans or are members of the PlanHelp subscription website.

I have recently added the two story addition plans for the Saltbox house. These are in PDF format and can be downloaded (by PlanHelp members) here:

The large format pdf sheets can be printed to scale at a print shop. Included in this PlanHelp download are some updated details for building stairs, decks and railings. I have added this part of the PlanHelp set to the free download section of CountryPlans. - It will take a few seconds to open (can also be saved as).

Can I also ask a favor? There was one person who tried to join PlanHelp and got a security certificate warning message when he clicked on the secure membership form. I have checked and the certificate and the site credentials are both fully up to date and secure but apparently some browsers (older?) may have a problem recognizing the certificate. I would like to know how large an issue this is.

Could you please click the link to the membership form below and leave a reply post to let me know what browser version you are using ONLY IF you have a security warning message show up? No need to fill anything out unless you want to join.

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