Started by GulfCoastCowboy, February 05, 2017, 10:32:25 AM

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Looking at the porch option for universal cottage.  We are going with the slab on grade monolithic option.  Question is about the porch.  I did not see an expansion joint in the print. Is the porch attached to the foundation and poured at the same time?  If the footer that calls for 12 inches only on the side opposite of house or needed all the way around? We will be doing a 16ft wide by 6 ft in front of the door and dining side of the home. What we are using as the front.  And a 20 wide by 14 ft out on the backside off the laundry. 

John Raabe

You will want to have the porch slabs separated from and lower than the main building slab. Work with the foundation sub as there are important details that they will be able to help with. Slab on grade is tricky for owner-builders and you only get one time to get it right. d*
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Thanks for their quick response. I figured with a roof attached to the house over the patios that the foundation would have been together