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Vapor Barriers for Dummies (and rocket scientists!)

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John Raabe:
This fun read on the 2nd law of thermodynamics explains:
• Where (not) to put the vapor barrier
• Why kraft faced batts may be better in your climate than a plastic vapor barrier.
• Why the space shuttle kills people
• Why mold comes to visit upscale motels and FEMA trailers

Nice find John.

That is a wonderful "must read" article. Thanks

Amen to that article, thanks for linking it John.

That example is part of the reason that I like the book Timber-Framed House by Jack A. Sobon.  Here is a quote that Jack used in the book before writing about vapor barriers:

"The architect should also have a knowledge of the study of medicine on account of the question of climate, air, the healthines and unhealthiness of sites, and the use of different waters.  For without these considerations, the healthiness of a dwelling cannot be assured."  Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, 100 BC

Don & Ginger Lundgren:
The link supplied has changed but I did find the new location for it.


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