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Started by glenn kangiser, May 23, 2005, 12:43:08 PM

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glenn kangiser

I just bought a used 4000 watt sine wave inverter on Ebay for $1525 ---less than 1/2 price of a new one although its condition was like new and it matched my model so I can have 220v power now without a transformer.

I used a sniper program that only sends my bid in the last 5 seconds of the sale so that I do not encourage others to jack the price up on me.  Up to the last 6 minutes of the auction I can cancel unlike bidding through Ebay where I am stuck with my bid if I change my mind.  Bids can also be modified if I decide it is worth more as the auction goes on.   On Bidnapper submit the maximum price you will pay for the item.  Ebay will only bid up to the winning price so even if your maximum is higher you won't lose it.  I bid $1625 on the inverter and got it for $1525.  The only way you will lose is if you don't want to pay as much as someone else.  The bidding stops at the maximum you set.  If you want something bad at the cheapest price this is the way to do it.  

I use it to get parts for my antique Victrolas as well as things for the cabin such as antique square nails, antique nail pullers, light fixtures, etc.  When thinking about the price of an item be sure to consider that shipping and handling will usually be added to the cost.

Here is a link to get a free startup account. :)
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Jimmy C.

Those sniper programs work good!
I have lost many auctions in the last few seconds because of them.  

I quess I will become a sniper now....
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I don't do a lot of eBay auctions anymore but when I do I use eSnipe, which is basically the same thing as what you mention. eSnipe allows you to set how fine you want the snipe to be, though they don't guarantee anything and let you know anything less than 3 seconds before auction end is pure chance.
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glenn kangiser

Bidnapper posts their stats on the sign in page - 95% or better are within 6 seconds I think.  I like the idea of deciding what I'll pay then not bidding till the end.  Then the only ones you have to beat are other snipers and I don't encourage the novices to jack up the price.  I can usually get a pretty good idea of who I'm up against by examining bid history- how many things others have won then decide if I want to raise my bid   If I want it bad I get it or if others want it too bad I let them have it.

Another thing is that you don't have to be watching to win.  The sniper computer is matched with Ebay's computer time clock.  It is nearly impossible to beat a sniper if you think you are going to sit there and watch then throw in a last second bid.  It won't happen. ;D

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I don't do a lot anymore, Greenbank, but when I want something I usually want it real bad.  Sometimes after I get it I wonder why I wanted it :-/

This brings us back to that famous philosopher, Mr. Spock - on Star Trek he went back to get married and found that his girlfriend had gone to another guy.  He gave this advice to the guy or girl as I remember it:  "Sometimes getting what you thought you wanted is not nearly as satisfying as the wanting made it seem it would be."
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