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Started by Daddymem, May 18, 2005, 12:03:24 PM

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This is a link directly to a plan page.  Scroll down a bit for some free detail drawings: Corbell Block, Window casings, energy efficient wall system, cedar bracket, and timber bracket.

A little further are some building notes: Cedar shingle installation, frost protected shallow foundations, building codes (Hey, Fisette again  ;D), and construction glossary.

At the very bottom is a building resources links section.

Go to the plan  page ( for some interesting plans some inline with the size of John's Universal Cottage and Solar Saltbox (they have a very nice looking solar saltbox too).  (The Beckwith remind you of anything?

I stumbled on this page long ago.  I had found John's site but hadn't bookmarked it.  For some reason I remembered the term Solar Saltbox.  The first link in Google was, the second for John's site.  There are some neat looking houses in there; some of the carriage houses would make nice first structures to get someone on a lot while the main structure is constructed.