Started by diyfrank, May 08, 2010, 12:34:33 PM

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One thing about recession built homes is people watch every penny.
I've seen glass but never used it for fill until this week.

What I noticed from placing.

    1  It's cheap.
    2  It's light. (A truck carry's a very full load)
    3  It's free draining and unaffected by water.
    4  It's 90% in a pile and compacts easily.   
    5  It bridges soft or muddy ground with ease.
    6  It's a recycled product. "Green"       
    1  It refects light and is a little blinding and hot when sun hits it.
    2  It binds in the tracks of a mini ex and can be difficult to move through.

Home is where you make it


You drain all them bottles?