Frame the house

Started by kellygreer, April 23, 2024, 02:52:18 AM

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I'm trying to frame a house alone :). I wonder if it could be done in 10 foot sections and then tied together with the top plate.


The options I was looking at

(1) Framing first, then sheathing, to keep weight down
(2) Get some scaffolding, then do the old school balloon framing method of toenailing a couple studs up, then the top plate, then fill in the studs using the scaffolding
(3) Follow what cody did ( ) and do it in panels.
(4) Do it in sections and use the interlocking top plates

Only option (3) makes me particularly nervous, but Cody pulled it off well.  If you decide to not have to raise a wall at all, essential craftsman has a video of (2)