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Started by bproctor, August 15, 2017, 07:22:01 AM

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Where I am planning on building in NW Montana, I'm not required to follow any building codes.  However, the state uses the 2012 IRC.  I am assuming that there would have been small changes to make it state specific?  If that's true, then does anyone know if there is a place to find what the difference is between the state specific codes and the straight IRC?

It seems preferable to reference the 2015 IRC (or the 2018 IRC that comes out soon) except where those state specific changes would have been made?


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You may also want to check insurance requirements. You can save some money if you follow what they are use to seeing in new construction for fire requirements. In California, they want fire safe siding, windows with tempered glass everywhere, a class A fire rating on the roof, and even fire sprinklers. A few other things I can't remember.
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