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Started by alex_gibb, January 26, 2005, 12:32:01 AM

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I'm wondering if someone could direct me to obtaining building plans for a 750 sq ft structure.
 My foundation is 24x20 and I'm looking for an open consept with a loft ?
 I also need to know if inclosed porch areas are sonsiderer as square footage when applying for a permit?

              Thanks for your help

glenn kangiser

Welcome, Alex.

I am pretty sure porches don't count as far as school taxes go.  Not sure about area for permit purposes.  Maybe John will have something you can adapt to your needs as far as a cabin goes.

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Please put your area in your sig line so we can assist with location specific answers.

John Raabe

Usually SF calculations for house area are based on the habitable space - insulated and heated areas - (usually measured outside wall to outside wall).

For lot coverage areas (zoning issue) covered porches, decks and carports are normally counted as well.
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alex t gibb

Thanks for your reply John. My situation is as follows, I bought a property in Ontario which has an existing Sono tube ,.pier foundation. I'm planning to build in the spring and have never done so before. The dimentions of the foundation limmit me to  design options. Therefore I'm looking for a simple and practical building plan that I can reasonablly undertake. Can I get your advice and do you have plans that suit my needs? As mentioned, I'm looking for an open concept, with a loft, 750 sf. Can I tell you my perimeters and can you provide me with building plans to suit?

John Raabe

With only a couple of exceptions, I limit my custom designs (for a specific client and site) to local situations where I know the weather, codes and can visit the site.

If you haven't done so already I would suggest you read the article on customizing a stock plan: You can probably do most of this yourself as it doesn't sound like you have a complex project.

One of the 20' wide cottages (the 1 1/2 story?) might generally fit your needs. Working with someone local to your area you could adjust the spans and foundation plan to fit your pier situation and then redesign the floorplan layout to take advantage of the site.

Hope this helps.
None of us are as smart as all of us.