Wanted: An Acre to Share w/ Plans for "Tiny" House Living

Started by tlibaomx, September 07, 2015, 09:15:31 AM

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I'm looking for another female interested in buying an acre of land in Northern California - Oregon area, for purposes of building and/or living on the property I don't have experience building a Tiny Home, but to find a nice parcel where I can park a mobile home is a good place to start this journey. There is land to be had, but I figure if two can go in together, the chances of finding a really nice parcel in good area will be great for both of us.

I work at home, so finding a parcel with power and utilities on/near it, is a "must," and I love California (Shasta/Redding) as much as Oregon (Klamath area especially), so I'm open to moving in either direction. I'd also consider moving to an area where snow isn't a factor, so if you have a suggestion or an idea, feel free to throw it out there.

I just want to take a few steps off the grid, so I can finish my writing, find some peace and live like I used to when it was as simple as finding it, staking it, and taking it all in (the scenery, that is).