Grandfather Cottage
952 sf easy to build

This classic 952 sf cottage has two bedrooms and one bath. It is laid out for easy access with 3' doors and a ramp to the outside door on the right. The sunny porch makes a great sitting spot. Grandfather cottage sketch
The house can be built on a slab or crawlspace foundation. The roof is trussed with a sloped cathedral section over the Living Room. Two skylights fit between the trusses and bring in extra light to the center of the house.

All interior walls are non-load bearing so the interior can be redesigned as needed.

You can click on the plan and get a larger printable version of the floorplan.

Printable Grandfather Cottage Plan

The plans are complete blueprints and include all structural information needed for permits and construction bids. Interior walls can be moved, eliminated or relocated as the roof is built with inexpensive lightweight trusses engineered for your local requirements. You can modify these plans using custom design elements (windows and doors).

This home is sun tempered and well insulated. The walls are 2x6 @ 24" o/c and the insulation is B.I.B.S. - the "blown in batt system" (R-21 min but performs as R-26 due to filling all small gaps - very cost effective). The trusses are "energy" trusses for R-38 ceiling insulation all the way to the outside wall. Pointed to the south, this home uses less than 60% of the energy of a standard code house in our cloudy NW climate. It would do even better in sunnier climes.

This house can be built inexpensively with plywood siding (we have added wood batts for a old-time board and batt look). Alternatively, you can call-out shingles or any siding of your choice. Also included are drawings for optional upgrade details (items not required for permit). These include trim options, window hoods, and a craftsman style upgrade to the porch.

The Grandfather House Plans Kit includes a license allowing you to make as many copies as needed for your builder and building department. The plans are in 11" x 17" format - easy to copy almost anywhere.


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