The Grandfather Cottage

952 sf two bedroom home

Grandfather Cottage from SE

The owner's carpenter grandson built this house. Planned as a family building project, it not only saves money, but gives the young builder a chance to manage a full-sized construction project on his own. He will probably go on to build some fine homes for others judging by the care he is taking on this one.

A house such as this is a particularly good one for an owner/builder/contractor. The one-story construction is simple to frame, there is no stairway to deal with, the roof trusses eliminate most roof issues, and the heated floor slab simplifies the number of subcontractors who must be managed. Plus the floorplan is more flexible than almost any other type of design. This allows for easy modifications even after the project is underway.

Grandfather Cottage from SW

This earlier photo shows the two skylights that bring light into the interior of the house.

Notes on the cost of this home: The owners have spent around $65k for everything including a $1500 outside storage shed (just off the left of the above photo) and a $1500 propane stove. The hardwood cabinets, new appliances, jetted 6' bath tub, W/D, etc. are included in that figure. The builder got $25/hr wages but probably didn't bill for all his time. Other subs (friends of the family) probably billed less than they normally would as well. The house is quite nice on the interior with rounded drywall and wood trimmed (vinyl) windows and doors.

Price: $103.95   # P003-A
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Grandfather one story cottage - easy to build  
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