Troy Cleghorn's Cabin in Eastern Washington
(Spring-summer 2001, updated 6-02)

small owner built cottage cabin house

Big sky country

Report from Troy (6/25/01): "I really love this area of eastern Washington. The stars are so bright/clear and very quite, you can hear your ear hairs moving (LOL). I have been very anxious to complete this little project..I can't sleep at night! It's so hard to drive 5 - 6 hours one-way for the weekend and only have one solid day of work! but it's coming along."

small owner built cottage cabin house

post and pier foundation

Framing up the post and pier foundation. Joists rest on the beams. A floor was built on this frame and the walls built and lifted into place from that platform.

Future kitchen area with loft above

The interior framing for the future kitchen and loft area above.

Roofing the 12 in 12 pitch - carefully!

Sheathing and papering the 12 in 12 roof. Carefully!

Outside of the 14' x 24' cabin

The exterior sheathed and a temporary roof on.

Here the place is ready for rain and it can be locked up during the week.

Updated June '02

Troy's been back at it this Spring.

Back the truck up and get to work!

The cabin made it through the winter and here they are putting up Ondura roofing and Cladwood T-111 siding.

The roofing information can be found at

While this T1-11 siding could have been used as a single wall covering (nailed directly to the studs) the second layer of structural sheathing adds considerably to the racking strength of the cabin.

This little place will easily ride out "The Big One".

Troy reports, "This has been a real fun project and I can’t wait tell it’s completed."



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