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Title: Increasing our spread- slightly
Post by: MushCreek on September 07, 2016, 12:54:17 AM
There's not much traffic on here, but I have a land story of sorts. For those that know me, we have 7 acres of woods in upstate SC. I finished our ICF home, and we are enjoying the country life. If there's one weakness about our land, though, it's a lack of road frontage. We have a flag lot, with a narrow (60') strip that runs back some 250' before the bulk of the land.

Fast backward about 9 years ago. Our next door neighbor owns the land in front of us, and he suddenly cleared it. Afraid that he was going to develop it, I called, introduced myself, and we talked. No, he wasn't going to sell it or develop it. He just wanted to clean it up. And no, he wouldn't sell any of it to us.

Over the years, the topic comes up from time to time, and for a long time, the answer was always a polite, "No." In the last few years, though, he started saying, "Maybe', and, "We're thinking about it." In the mean time, we've become good friends, and help each other out a lot. He's pretty old, with a number of health issues, so he can always use my help.

Well, this spring (without us asking), he decided to sell us a small parcel! Just 1/2 acre, but an additional 100' of frontage, which really enhances the value of our property. Most importantly, we have a view of a distant mountain from our front porch. My fear has always been that someone would plop a house right in front of us, and our 'view' would be the back of someone's house. With this purchase, we can maintain our view and privacy. It's starting to get grown up again, so I'm going to grub it off and maintain it as a small pasture. It also gives us a sunny spot for a veggie garden, something we are sorely lacking in our deep woods. I guess the moral of the story is that patience (not normally one of my virtues) can pay off! We closed in July, so now we have 7-1/2 acres. That last 1/2 acre makes all of the difference, though.
Title: Re: Increasing our spread- slightly
Post by: akwoodchuck on September 30, 2019, 12:31:32 PM
Congrats...something to be said for keeping land clear in this asphalt-happy world.... [cool]
Title: Re: Increasing our spread- slightly
Post by: Rys on October 01, 2019, 10:11:34 AM
It is such a good feeling! We went through something simaler. After nine years of mentioning it on and off the woman that is between me and the road sold us the land that our easement runs through.
She kept 6 acres at the road with a small house on it. My sister recently purchased that.
Big, big sigh of relief!
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