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Title: Wormy Chestnut Refinishing
Post by: Yankeesouth on March 12, 2011, 02:30:05 PM
I am lucky enough to have a bungalow/cabin made entirely of wormy chectnut.  After I strip/sand down the trim what is the best way to finish it?  I would prefer not cover it with a varnish.  Would finishing withlinseed oil be a good option?  I want the natural look of the wood to really come out.
Title: Re: Wormy Chestnut Refinishing
Post by: frazoo on March 12, 2011, 03:33:18 PM
I've had good luck with tung oil for furniture applications (interior use).  Makes the wood grain "pop" a little more than linseed oil.  JMO.

Title: Re: Wormy Chestnut Refinishing
Post by: Don_P on March 13, 2011, 03:22:18 AM
I'm not a pro finisher but here is the little I've learned along the way,
If you use linseed oil I would use boiled not raw. Raw linseed oil tends to grow things, get gummy and dirty and often turns black. I like "tung oil" finishes, waterlox, danish oil, etc. They are drying finishes, really thinned varnishes. They are more protective yet have varying degrees of sheen. What most people are saying when they don't want a varnish or poly finish is thay they don't want a high gloss thick looking coating over the wood.
Boiled linseed oil is partially polymerized by boiling or by adding driers, mostly heavy metals (you can usually find japan drier in the paint aisle). It does dry and offers a tad of protection. I'm using it on the freshly worked timbers at the job mainly to protect them until we figure out what the final finish will be.
Danish oils are about 1/3 parts boiled linseed oil, varnish and spirits, to my eye it dries duller, more satin. I think the linseed in them soaks in a bit and makes the grain pop out more but it also darkens and yellows the wood more. My wife likes it. Watco, Velvit, etc
Waterlox is about 1/2 parts varnish and spirits. To me it dries harder and has higher sheen even in the satin, there is a gloss version. I believe they are just changing the amount of spirits. It builds faster and offers more protection. These are my preference. Formby's, waterlox, wiping varnish, etc.

If you have an inconspicuous area you can buy small cans of mineral spirits, an oil varnish and some boiled linseed oil and start mixing and playing around.
Title: Re: Wormy Chestnut Refinishing
Post by: Yankeesouth on March 13, 2011, 06:33:11 AM
You are right Don I don't want that thick glazy finish.  Is there a one step product that you know of from Lowes or Home depot?  I'm not going to lie,  I plan on sanding it down and rubbing it down with .....whatever product and I'm done. 
Title: Re: Wormy Chestnut Refinishing
Post by: MountainDon on March 13, 2011, 06:38:48 AM
You can get Watco and Formbys at the blue box, probably the orange box too.

You can also use Minwax water based polyacrylics... totally clear finish no heavy coat or yellowing like varnishes. Assorted shhen from very little to gloss.

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