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Buildings under 200 sf

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Small buildings that often don't need a permit - What is the best design and the easiest construction? What are your ideas? What would you build?

See the contest and winners in this Owner Builder Gallery link -

What follows below is the history of the discussion as the contest evolved.

They have squeezed the non-permit buildings down to 10'x12' here with no plumbing or electrical.

Ah yes, California does "lead the nation" doesn't it?  ;)

Still, many places will let you build these tiny houses and the design exercise is a good one...



Mounted on trailer for easy relocation. The home can be removed from the trailer and set onto a permanent foundation. Trailer can be licensed for over the road transport. Trailer has two-3500 pound axles, brakes on one axle. 2-5/8” trailer ball, mechanical tongue jack. Trailer can be towed with half ton pickup with a Class III weight distributing hitch, or with a heavy duty pickup truck with Class III hitch.

Wow, I think your "tow-able" is a great first contribution!   What does the frame underneith look like?  Being on wheels I bet it could qualify as an "RV" and that might keep the  inspectors at arms length on a few topics (like my need for cheap but non-violating human waste disposal).   Way to go, I like the floorplan too, and love the little bump out for the sink!


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