Finally found a wood stove

Started by Crappie Slayer, January 03, 2012, 01:16:12 PM

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Crappie Slayer

i finally found a wood stove... I drove almost 600 miles round trip to go get it, but it was cheap so I went.

I found a Jotul 602C  I believe.  No cracks,,, some rust, but nothing a good cleaning and new paint wont fix.  Everything inside is solid, all the plates are solid and in working order.

The only thing that I may replace is the part that the chimney pipe hooks to... a little more rust on that particular piece than I would like.  I also need to replace the rope gasket around the dooor,, can you get that stuff at most stove dealers?  Anyways... I have read on that you can do a complete restoration on those old jotul stoves.

Anyways... minus the two tanks of gas @ 40 bucks each, and $75 dollars for the stove.. I think I did ok.  what do yall think.

thanks as always

Crappie Slayer


 [cool] and you can get the rope at most hardware stores. Nice price too.


There are different sizes of stove rope as well. You can download the VC manual from VC website. The manual should tell you the size recommended.

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