Extra floor Joist for claw foot tub

Started by Micky, January 03, 2005, 02:56:36 PM

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I just purchase a claw foot tub for the 20' 1 1/2 story cabin I am building in the fall.  It is an old heavy cast iron tub.  What is your thoughts on having to add an extra floor joist to support the weight.  I am ballparking 1800 lbs weight with tub, water, and big guy (me) in the tub.  That would be about 45 lb/sq-ft.  That is over the ratings for the joists.  However, the tub is on the outside wall where there will be not as much flex in the floor.

Any thoughts?  Please don't offer up that I should loose weight.  I assure you that most of the weight is the tub and the water.  Not me. :)


I would add an additional joist under the approximate edge of the tub or double up the nearest joists.


With that weight allow for  two layers of subfloor!  Its going to sink in a little if its anything like the ones I've had - each leg spreading its weight out over an area about equal to a quater.

I don't know the size of your clawfoot,  but I moved one and yes it is heavy,  but I did get it into and out of my minivan by myself with my 300lb rated handtruck.  Figure 8 lbs per gallon of water, so your figure might be conservative.