Peir Block addition ??help?

Started by simon, November 14, 2004, 03:25:32 PM

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Ihave started to build from the 14 x 24 small house plans. I have just finished screwing down the sub-floor (3/4 t/g plywood ) .. so that is where I'm at. ;D

I've realised at this point I'm going to need more room and will be able to afford to build more space.
Two questions:  

1. Can I put a bedroom upstairs(I'm building the flat roof version) ?I would like to enclose 1/2 and leave the other 1/2 for a roof top deck.
2. I would also like to put a bathroom addition attached to the long side (24ft) , 6-8 ft out , and 8ft wide. If possible I would like the bedroom to extend ontop of the addition as well? ???

I hope this makes sense. I'm just unsure how to attach the addition onto the already completed subfloor?? I think.. I'd just add a new beam 8ft out, held up by two posts onto deckblocks?  ..but would i run the joists just to the rimjoist of my already completed 24x14 floor ??? ???
  Any help would be greatly appreciated..,  Simon


If you have used the cantilevered floor over the foundation beams (per LH plans) you could add (as you suggest) a pair of posts and another beam for the bath addition. You could use the same floor joists and cut off the rim joist for that section and run the new extension joists back to and over the beam. Then nail them (sister them) to the existing joists. Cut the rim joist material you just tore off for blocking between the joists at the wall line. You would then have a 10' or less span on these joists and you should be OK. If needed, add a second beam and two posts at the wall line for extra support.

Make sure the new beam (at the bath) spans no further than the existing ones or else make it deeper (or add another layer if built-up).

The second floor options are more complex and you are starting to load the foundation beams more than they were designed for. I suppose you could add new supports in the middle of the spans for that section that will be loaded. This might be fine but it gets quite complex.

The Enchilada plans and Builder's Cottage (with foundation bearing directly under the outside walls) is better setup for expansions and extensions of this type.


Thanks for your reply!!
Iwill do as suggested with the bathroom addition.
The second floor bedroom you mentioned could be stretching the limits of the beams ... However,. I did beef up the plans while building  ..the floor joists are 2x8 instead of 2x6 and the beam is 3 2x8wide any ends meet above a post., and I used 3/4 ply insteadof 5/8 osb for the subfloor  .. in your opion do u think a second floor bedroom wood be fine  ..and would I just build it on the roof joists ,just like Framing up fom the floor joists??
  Thanks again for your advice  .. your plans have been simple to follow and I will be back buildin tomarrow.


Yes, I sounds like you should be fine. Hopefully the soil is solid.

The beams were a bit overdesigned in the beginning and you have made them stronger.

You should be able to do the loft floor in much the same way as you framed the lower level. It would be standard floor framing.

(You could also do beam and decking for the upper floor. Double the joists and space them 36" o/c and deck with 2x6 T&G decking. Gives a nice wood ceiling.)


Thanks again John  ..
 The soil should be fine ..I dug 2ft by 2ft,and 2ft deep down to hardpan  ...then layed 2ft (2inch thick) paving stone, then deck block. hopfully it'll be solid  ...I'll send you the pics when I'm done ...


John  .. should I cantalever the new bathroom addition over both the beam from original plan
( attaching to old joists) and also cantalever the joists over the new beam too?? Hope this makes sense?? or maybe I dont canta lever new joists for addition at all? ???


Put the new beam under the outside wall. You will be sistering the new joists to the old joists that are cantilevered thus tying them together. The new joists go back and rest on the existing beam.