Ok, got a quote for radiant heating today..

Started by Dustin, December 22, 2005, 06:07:20 PM

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Ken Kern (probably not in the Owner Built Home) hated radiant heating under most any circumstances--thought that it put any dust on the floor into the air.  No idea if he was right.  Not sure if that would also apply to just sun-warmed floor.


I doubt it. We have forced air heating/cooling and it does a real good job of blowing dust around. Since moving to AZ, I have seen more dust.... Put something down for a couple hours, and you have a nice coating.
I will be so glad to move.  


QuoteOh, and may I just say, I LOVE THIS FORUM! John, thank you for the opportunity for such knowledgeable do-ers to gather under one "roof" and offer such great info to eachother! I have posted similar type messages on other forums and the best I usually get is not much.
Thank you all for contributing and being here! I have a feeling I will be relying on this forum more and more, for a good long time, as I go through the process of building my home.

YEP ... I,d like to second that. This is a wonderful place to read and learn.


Here is a link to radiant systems that go in on the underside of the standard subfloor.


I have done several radiant heated houses and to save money we often do slimline radiant baseboard heat in the upper floors, especially if they are bedrooms since they will be warmed by the lower floors and have little heat needs.

Most of the builders I work with have gone with full strength concrete (1.5") over the subfloor and buried the pipes in that. It is the most tested and bullet-proof system but can run a bit more money.


Ok, so you wanna know what David said when I asked him about how to heat my FirstDay?
He suggested that I do radiant in the basement, woodstove in the living room, and a monitor-type heater in the kitchen and my office
After reading Al's disseration on Monitor heaters, I think I'll buy a LP Rinnai heater, but no big deal...
So, I think what I may do is find the best deal I can on radiant for the basement, find a good woodstove dealer in Cedar City to get get a cavemen tv, and buy a Rinnai LP heater, or two if I need it.

Ok, now on to cooling, ventilation and dehumidification....
You know, planning the build of this house has forced me to do more research into more topics that I ever would have believed. When I am all done, I'll be qualified to teach a whole course on the process!


Have you thought about using your woodstove as the heat source for your radiant basement? We are putting the pipes in, how we use them will come much later when we finish the basement off.


David talked about that, but how to do it...I don't know.
Unless something like that is in a kit form or I have detailed instructions on how to do it. I think I'll stick with what I know can be done.
Unless I can get someone to help me with it.