Which type of foundation?

Started by 2zwudz, November 18, 2007, 07:05:50 PM

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  Which type of foundation would you use on your small cabin?  Concrete piers or a convention crawl space with poured footings and walls?  The price I received from the foundation guy to dig a four foot deep crawl and pour footings and foudation walls was $4430.00 for a 16x28.  The cabin will be used by my family for hunting season and weekend get aways.
Thanks Mark

peter nap

Cost is a factor but even then, I've found very few soil types and or building styles that Piers will not satisfy just as well as a conventional footing.crawl space.

On some style houses, I think the crawl space looks better but the same thing can be said about piers.

For what you describe, I'd go with piers either wood or concrete.


For our 14 x 26 I'm choosing post and pier. Poured concrete footing, either 16x16x*" thick or a round 20" dia x 8" thick, with X rebar in it. Concrete blocks on top of that to about 6 inches above ground level, with centers filled with concrete and a couple rebar tied into the footing. Then PT posts to girder/beam level, because I find it easier to cut the posts to the correct length/height. It's sloping land so all posts will be a different length anyways.
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