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glenn kangiser:
Forum Administrator note by John Raabe:

This is a very popular thread of photos and philosophy loosely focused on the evolving underground house Glenn and Kathy Kangiser are building in central California. This is a multi-page thread (see the current page count in the upper left) so take you time and load it a page at a time. Several tons of creative ideas here  :D!

Also! Visit Glenn's Underground house page at the Owner-Builder Gallery. [edit by J. Raabe 3-10-07.]

Here's a preview of some of the photos. Glenn's comments follow:

Here are more photos-- don't give me too bad a time about not ever finishing anything - I just run around trying to get the the worst fires put out before I have a chance to go back and work on the other ones.

Work also interferes with my progress-- excuses- I got a ton of 'em ;D

Slideshow - click picture to start.  Also - It links to 126 Photobucket pictures.

Photo Link


I really appreciate this post.  Perfect timing!

I finally purchased "The $50. & Up Underground House Book" and just received it a couple of weeks ago.  I've been poking about within the covers wishing for more images.  You cover quite a bit in these 16 photos from cob to stawbale.  This is great!


glenn kangiser:
Note - changed host so you wouldn't have to create an account. Picture quantity will change from time to time.

Demian- if you like the book and are interested in more, the videos answer a lot of things and give a lot more pointers.  2 important  points - logs are pinned with 16" long rebar spikes in pre-drilled holes and retaining boards should be 1 1/2" thick on side walls for 8' spans or cut span to 4' with an extra post - smaller diameter is ok for intermediate. 3/4" thick  bow excessively.   I will answer anything I can.  I don't receive any income from Mike Oehler but highly recommend his publications and ideas.  Also beware of other supposedly "underground housing experts" -they may cost you a lot.  Mike has sound reasons for his methods and has been living in his original -expanded $50 house converted to $500 house for over 30 years. ;D

From where are the videos available?

glenn kangiser:
There should be an order form in the back of the book or go to Mikes site and order direct.  Here's a link.


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