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After 10 years of planning, design and working through the bureaucracy we're almost ready to start!  Took 4 years to come to agreement with town over lot line and right-a-way adjustments, 2 years working with an architect on the design and having it fail to pass the historic design review, and finally grabbing the bull by the horns and doing my own design...the plans were approved last fall and the permit issued in January of this year.  Costs todate for survey, lot line adjustment application, design work, design review application, engineering, plan check, building permit, mitigation and utility connection fees come to $58,000.  That's $20,000 more than I paid for my first brand new house in 1970.  Here are site photos...I will provide plans and a running update as we break ground.

This site was purchased for the view over historic downtown and the mountains beyond, not to mention a convenient 2 minute walk to main street

View from town...orginal house on site built 1890's, burned to ground in 1980's

A through lot... garage to be accessed from rear street

Current conditions that will need to melt before ground breaking, hopefully by May 1st

In the first picture, is the place in the far view where the Tahoe to Truckee ski race ends?  Are they still running that?  I used to love doing that race back when I lived in CA in the 80's.

Correct...The Great Ski Race from Tahoe to Truckee continues every year and ends at Hill Top, which is at the ridge top left in view photo.  Hill Top is the site of the first mechanized ski lift in the western U.S.

Whew, they sure made you jump through hoops, not to mention how much it cost & you haven't even started building yet  :-\

But the view is beautiful, conveniently located & you can finally start your dream cabin!  Glad you already realize we like pictures  :)

BTW,  w*

Experimenting with posting plan is the floor plan and 3-D of the new house...




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