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Title: Changes to 1 1/2 story cottage
Post by: Spyke on August 15, 2007, 09:26:51 AM
John, I have the 1 1/2 story cottage plans from you. I was playing around with them last night and they may work for my 2 story cottage I am planning.

First due to local zoning my 1st floor must be 800 sf, so I can just extend the house to 20x40 with no problems, just like I extended the little house plans. Correct?

Second, I need to do this with a full basement. Can I just put in another stairway where the pantry would go on the plans?

Third, Just how much can I extend those side walls. I really want full 8' ceilings upstairs. I was thinking of going to 14' or even 16'. Which would give me full 8' ceilings plus I could have them vaulted in some rooms up there. The whole 2nd floor would be supported by the double 2x12's and the ledger board with joist hangers just like the 1 1/2 story loft. This idea would be like the old baloon style houses I remember you talked about years ago.

How many guys do you think it would take to raise a 20x16 wall if I go with 2x6s and have the sheeting on it? Is this manageable or should I just shell out the cash and buy 2 story cottage plans?
Title: Re: Changes to 1 1/2 story cottage
Post by: John Raabe on August 15, 2007, 10:39:54 AM

Yes the floor and foundation plans can be extended to 40' with the same structure.

If you will have a full basement and a larger upper floor I would redo the floor plan to provide for a full wrap around stair like the one in the Universal Cottage. That stair is basically 6'-6' x 8' and can go from the basement to the upper floor.

If you want a full second floor, don't extend the sidewalls and do balloon framing, build it platform framed (again, like the Universal). While old houses sometimes did full height walls balloon framed for a two-story house, that length of 2x6 material is very hard to find and not worth the trouble. (Do a search on finger-jointed studs for the discussion.)

The walls would be a bear to lift! :-X
Title: Re: Changes to 1 1/2 story cottage
Post by: MarkAndDebbie on August 15, 2007, 05:11:18 PM
If you do do balloon framing -
Quote...and the ledger board with joist hangers...
I think PEG had a post at some point about the 2x12s resting on the ledger being better than the joist hangers. You might search for it.