Victoria-Enchilada Compound in Gallery--Question

Started by CREATIVE1, May 21, 2006, 11:47:28 AM

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I noticed that the bedroom addition on this Victoria has the same roof height as the main building.  Could this space be accessed by a doorway from the upper loft, main house?  How much extra space could this provide, and with what headroom?  


Hey, you stole my idea! If there is one thing missing from this design(which I really like) it's storage space & an half bath upstairs(yep, that's two things). My thoughts are to keep the 12' wall height constant for all exterior walls and frame a doorway centered on the "addition" roof ridge line w/ a 12 on 12 alcove that follows the roof/ceiling pitch above(which I think would be a neat architectural detail). It's accessible from the loft and in addition to the added storage, you could return back to bed when nature calls in the middle of the night still semi-asleep.....I'm thinking-not so if you've just had to navigate steep or spiral stairs. Head room would depend on what height you put your 2nd floor. Keep in mind that ceiling height will increase 12" for every 12" you move from the outside wall toward the ridge line so...if you had say 3' of wall above the 2nd floor, you would have 6' +/- of head room 3' from that wall. If the "addition" was 13' wide between interior walls it would yield 8' +/- of floor space that would give you 6' or greater head room. I'm sure that someone else here may have more exact dimensions but I have been tweaking this plan to suit my needs for a long time and I'm getting close to something I can practically live in. I've checked in on this site nearly every day for years....what a great source of info. and community you have here. I did run into a little trouble however, when I forwarded Glenn's "Hooters" calendar to a fellow teacher via our school internet. Any thoughts?


JT, I'm truly sorry about getting you in trouble with that calendar.  Unfortunately I still have to go with the disclaimer.  Comments and information you pick up from this site could cause problems for you.  You have to decide whether it is safe for you to view the Hooters calendar and or pass it onto friends. :-/

If you ladies think this subject is not in good taste, maybe you haven't actually checked the calendar out???? :)

Free 2006 Hooters Calendar




JT suggestions about the loft extension over the addition is a good one. You could use the same ledger detail of the 16' wide module to set the floor levels the same for the addition. (This floats and is a trade-off of lower floor headroom vs loft headroom.)

If you used 12' studs for both sets of exterior walls and the maximized loft area shown in the "alternative cross section" (P-1) then you would have a 12' wide loft room with about 10' of headroom width and the sidewall @ 4'-8" or thereabouts.

This is a very usable space.


I am FINALLY getting my materials estimates, by early next week--and then I get to tweak the plans and finalize everything.  A two-story wing is one of the possible "tweaks."Will post it if I can figure out how.

Back to the "Hooters" thing.  Last night with a tropical storm passing through Tampa, Florida, we were sitting upstairs in the den with the doors wide open, and a screech owl flew in trying to nab my finches (I guess he didn't understand about cages).  Well, after looking around (no wind, no rain--hmmm) he decided to spend the night.

If we leave the doors open in Washington, we'll probably get bears.


Hey, JT--do you have any pictures of what you're talking about?  I'm in crunch mode  (immediate cabin, somehow) and am HUNGRY for ideas.