WTB Land in British Columbia, Okanagan Preferred

Started by almac, August 02, 2008, 03:07:26 PM

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Currently looking for private treed land in Okanagan of British Columbia Canada.
Size doesn't really matter, just need a place thats private, for a small house and garden.
Land must have water resources; prefer a well over city water.
South facing hillside would be great!



i just looked at that area a few days ago. very nice. let me know how it goes. i can't leave yet.tied down to michigan.
unless we recognize who's really in charge, things aren't going to get better.


they grow some amazing dope in the okanagon so I hear... d*


Our property butts up against the Colville National Forrest. We see them black helicopters swooping by all the time. We wave to them.


Better Yet Stink

Take Pictures...It helps if you have a expensive looking camera. Make them think you are watching them :)