MO - here I come - wish me luck

Started by Chuckca, May 12, 2005, 10:25:56 PM

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Saturday I'm leaving for a trip back to MO in search of  land for our new 20 x 30 loft plan.....I've been doing a lot research in the Lebanon MO far things look very promising....there's a good selection of's priced reasonable...the BIG's out of CA...

I'll add to this thread when I have new developments!

Keep your fingures crossed...!.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped in one way or another....special thanks to JOHN for providing this forum and freely giving us the knowledge and help we needed  to launch our projects....



Have fun and good luck.  Sure you'll find something if you decide the area is for you.

Thought you were a northern CA guy.


I hope things work out to your advantage, Chuck.  Glenn


And if that don't work, head south and east to Tennessee, the counties just north of the Alabama-Mississippi line (e.g., Wayne, Hardin, Chester [especially--I noticed lots of signs when I was out driving the other day--and it's not far from Jackson, a smallish city with amenities, e.g. a good bookstore], Decatur, Perry).  

The area at the north-west corner of Tennessee--and across the river in Missouri and Arkansas--is a seismic area (look up Reelfoot Lake and the New Madrid Fault--there could be a BIG ONE as far south as Memphis), farther east, not so much, not hardly on the east side of the Tennessee river.

I had to drive east on U.S. 64 the other day through Pulaski and Fayetteville.  Awfully pretty country--large rolling hills in pasture.  Soil may be pretty thin from the looks of the road cuts--and from the fact that that's all pasture, not cropland.

Tennessee is likely to be a bit wetter than parts of Missouri.  Maybe a little hotter.


Update....the ten ac in MO didn't work out....back on the hunt again....think we're going to say a bit closer to home....time to start looking again....!

AZ - NV (love area 51 :) ) - NM

If you here or see anthing - let me know....gotta get going this spring :)