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Alphabet soup with a cute name.  Might even be good.

The Green Sandwich Building System allows architects and designers to create beautiful, environmentally sensitive structures approximately twice as fast as conventional building methods. Our patented structural concrete insulating panels (SCIPs) withstand hurricanes, retard fires, defend against pests and mold, and provide the highest levels of energy efficiency. They do all this while surpassing the strictest environmental codes


William Mcdonough, world-renowned architect and designer, joins Green Sandwich advisory board.

John Raabe

Interesting system. This is similar to what local builders were using in up country Panama for the new homes. Very sturdy and perfect for a workforce that traditionally uses concrete, stucco and plaster as the finishing materials. Big upgrade in efficiency and structure over concrete block or clay tile. Used where wood framing is expensive, non-traditional, or subject to bugs and fire. Not as easy to remodel or build for yourself.
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