Getting to your cabin in winter !

Started by UK4X4, August 03, 2016, 08:28:20 AM

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Track n go

Or how to get stuck even further off road !- look to be a simple design, adds good clearance too at the diffs

All 4×4 pickup trucks and some 4×4 Large SUV's** that meet the following requirements:
•Automatic transmission with low range 4L
•Automatic differential lock (or limiter slip diff.) on rear axle
•Winter and all seasons tires with regular soft compound (Mud tires works but not recommended)
•Important: Use tires without studs
•Outside tire diameter required: 31 to 35 inches (780 to 875 mm)
•Tire width: up to 13 inches (330 mm)
•Engine: V-8 with 5 liters and up for full sized pickup truck and Large SUV's also V6 for mid-sized pickup truck and Off-road SUV's

** For SUV's, see the restricted list of compatible vehicles with TrackNgo: Large SUV compatibility list


Wow!  My first impression was that these would be very impractical but the video sure portrays them as being very capable.  My butt isn't that attached to my pickup truck that I can't hop on a snowmobile or snow cat for winter transportation, but I can imagine some folks who aren't as mobile might consider something like these.  They don't show pricing on the web site, but it wouldn't surprise me if they run well over 10K USD.  Would probably be a lot of fun to try out though.
My cabin build thread: Alaskan remote 16x28 1.5 story


We use low tech, low cost snow shoes.   ;D

I would like to be able to drive though....
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