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What's for dinner?

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Homegrown Tomatoes:
Thought it might be fun to see what everyone else is having... we're having bulgogi and rice (Korean bbq beef) and whatever side dishes I can scrape up...  maybe some of the pickled green beans I canned last summer since I'm out of kimchee.  Trying to clean out all the freezer and pantry over the next few weeks/months.  

So what's for dinner at your house?

Funny, I was just thinking what should I make for dinner....

Cool idea, Homegrown. Wife's night out here.... I had a left over baked pasta-dish-without-a-name that I made Monday. Rotini (50-50 mix of semolina & whole wheat), chopped onions, spinach, tomatoes, garlic & thinly sliced zucchini, Bertolli organic olive oil basil & garlic tomato sauce, some ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, and a pepper spice mix I like.

It's my own off the cuff recipe.  :)

Sigh. Nobody else is eating dinner?

Homegrown Tomatoes:
Sounds good, Don... you must cook like we do... make it up as you go.

 I ended up adding fried okra (hey, it needed to be used tonight) and some tomatoes from the garden to our dinner, as well as the pickled green beans.  The girls were helping me in the kitchen, and so we ended up with about 2 cups of millet in the rice (because each one wanted to put some in)... by the time the rice was done, it looked almost like more millet than rice.  It was good, even if a little incongruous.  We eat a lot of whatever needs to be used up... makes for interesting meals that way.  Made half of the bulgogi with hot chilies (for us) and half without (for the kids), and doggone it if the spicy stuff didn't get eaten up entirely.  Not even enough left over for lunch tomorrow.  I got the okra from the grocery store... first time in almost three years I've seen it up here.  Got tickled when the check-out girl was ringing it up and announced proudly, "And this... this is okra, which I just learned this morning!"  There was some at the local farmer's market a month or two back, but they'd let it grow to 8-10" long, so I knew I'd need a steak knife just to cut it... I think it was an experimental plant for the grower, but it was something they obviously don't eat since they don't know when to pick it.  

And since we're on the topic of dinner, what is your very favorite dinner for just a regular weeknight?


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