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Title: Small house
Post by: Jbakelaar on June 09, 2021, 09:44:13 PM
Hi all!
I just entered a contract to buy 15 acres!
I'm trying to plan the first small building that I can live in while building the 1200 sq ft mansion ;)
I have my eyes on the small house plans.
Can anyone give me some general ballpark estimates for the cost of the building materials for each of the 3 small homes? Just the building material to get it walled in and liveable would be helpful? Trying to get a feel with current high material costs so any guidance would be appreciated!
Whatever it costs, it's better than paying rent!
Title: Re: Small house
Post by: jsahara24 on June 10, 2021, 08:51:31 AM
Tough question to answer without knowing more specifics....Where are you located?  What type of foundation?  What type of finishes?  Well/Septic?  Grid tie or offgrid?   Are you building it or hiring it out? 

I believe the plans have a material list included, so you could fairly easily put a price to the lumber package at least....Or you could look at it from a per SF cost....  Most guidance is homes cost around 150$/SF, if you are going to build it yourself with builder grade finishes you can get that number significantly lower.....

Good luck with your build(s)....