What sizing and spacing of Pier & Beam

Started by meobeou, January 21, 2019, 01:52:48 AM

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I am looking for beam sizing and span help.
Single story cabin size is 34x24 with a center beam
(12&12), Hip roof, snow load 5/sf. I have limestone 3' down, so good support for the piers.

What sizing and spacing would you recommend, for 2x built up beams, 6"/8"/10"




Look on chapter 5 of the IRC for the exterior wall girder and header table, however, braced walls (your exterior walls), are to be over braced foundation walls,( a full perimeter crawlspace or basement). Piers under all is an engineered solution.

At 5 psf snow, wind controls at a min of 20 psf + 10 psf dead load= 30 psf total min design roof load. That will also apply when you check rafter dimensions, chapter 8 tables. If there is attic above with storage or habitation pay attention to the ceiling joist table headings. Always read the footnotes to the tables as well, that's where the curve balls usually live.