Building a Simple Barn

The story of an owner-built 12x18 Little House Plans Kit built as a storage shed

Greetings from Mike Nyikos in Justin, Texas

Here are some progress pictures of my 12 x 18 Cabin/Storage Shed I'd like to share with readers. I live in Texas and was needing some storage space so I decided to build the 12 x 18 cabin from the Little House Plans kit. I plan on building the larger (14'x24') cabin up in Canada in a few years but wanted to get an idea of what to expect.

Above is a picture of the foundation and floor joist layout. You can see we were able to use the post and pier foundation using locally available precast pavers sitting on a gravel footing with precast deck blocks supporting the 4x4 posts under the beam.

Here I'm framing up the wall studs on the floor deck. Opposite me the first wall is up and braced.

Here are two photos of the walls and roof framing. You can see we did the center ridge board supporting both rafters and then clipped the bottom of the rafters to the top plate of the wall with huricanne clips. For a larger structure we would either install loft joists or collar ties to keep the walls from wanting to spread.

Here we are putting on the roof sheathing. We extended the roof for a front and rear overhang with what framers call ladders. It is nice to have friends when you get to this stage of the work. Nail guns and scaffolding also helps.


Everyone has fun with the steep roof! From Mike: "Boy that 12/12 roof was trickey but with the help of some roof jacks and the scafold it worked out OK." And, as Paul McCartney used to say, "We get by with a little help from our friends."


Here we are out of the weather and ready to button up for the winter.

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