Solar Saltbox Farmhouse Plans

A two story saltbox home with a 24x36 basic footprint. The heated living area is 1483 sf and includes three bedrooms and two baths. It is built on a concrete crawlspace foundation.

Plans include the expanded version with various additions that can be included such as a wrap-around porch, guest alcove and TV nook, 14x26 attached solar sunroom, and rear porch. These can be eliminated or installed for a customized house that can adjust to space and site needs.

If you haven't done so already, click HERE for an overview of the basic design, and click HERE for a photo tour of the original house.  

You can also download the Study Plan in PDF format to see the floorplan, cross section and learn about the various features of the house. (This is a large file so be patient.)

Price: $149.00   # P011

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