20' wide 1- 1/2 story cottage plans

This simple to build classic cottage has between 950 sf to 875 sf of living area counting the full sized loft and the 20'x 30' main floor. (You have options about the size of the loft.)

For more detailed information on what is in the plan set, drawings and reports from others who have built this plan, click on the classic 20' wide 1-1/2 story cottage.

Since all floors and roof bear on the outside walls, the interior of the floor plan can be redesigned to your liking. The framing system is simple and is designed for small crew construction so it can be built by owner-builders. This seems to be one of our most popular plans.

The available 6 page materials list (P010-B) includes all materials for the post & pier foundation, all framing, hardware, insulation, windows and doors, drywall, electrical, plumbing and interior trim. This list is in Word DOC format so it can be modified and updated as the project progresses. (You need a word processor program that can read DOC files - most can including the free Google Docs.)

If you have any questions, please click HERE and mention the 1-1/2 story plan in the title.

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