20'x30' One-story Cottage Plans

1-story 20x30

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A very adaptable cottage plan of 600 sf that needs no interior beams or bearing walls. This allows the floor plan to be freely modified if needed. This would be one of the easiest houses for a new builder to construct.

You have 3 different foundation plans. You choose the foundation plan sheet to include in your final drawings:
• A wood floor on a post & beam foundation
• A wood floor on a concrete crawlspace wall
• A concrete slab foundation

Additionally, two different roof system are included in the plans. Many people will choose a standard rafter system that provides for flat ceilings over the bedroom/bath area with an attic above. In the main living area the rafters and collar tie beams offer dramatic open ceilings. Click HERE for more information and some interior drawings.

For a lower cost structure and quicker construction you can use the manufactured truss roof system in any mix of flat, attic and scissors trusses. Again you choose the roof system sheets you want to include in your plans.

Your plans include complete construction details and are ready to submit to builders and the building department. You also have free reprint and modification rights. This means you can make changes as needed and additional copies as needed to build your project. The structural blueprints (plans) are in 11x17 format.

Also included in your package is a booklet of additional information:
- How to Read Plans
- How to Assemble and Modify your Plans
- Taking your Plans to the Building Department,
- Choosing the right foundation for your soil & climate
- Framing diagram and glossary of construction terms

(There is a materials list for this house - P009-B)

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