14 x 24 Backyard Studio Office

Here is Dale's recent photos and report:

cottage office with outside deck

The cottage was built as a backyard studio office.
Notice the deck and how it ties the entrance to the landscape.

owner-built backyard office

The rafter ties above allow the open ceiling without a heavy ridge beam.

owner-built cottage office

Here is a view the other direction looking at the mini-kitchen w/ loft & skylight above.

Here is what Dale from Bainbridge island (WA) had to say about his project:

"I purchased your small expandable cabins plans (Big Enchilada) about one year ago. 
Today I have a very comfortable studio / home office. I thought that you might enjoy seeing the end result of your fine design. I've attached a couple of photos of the finished project. I use the term "finished" loosely as I am finding new things to upgrade on this wonderful design. A roof top copula is my current focus. A work in progress, it will always be I guess. This design was a fun and highly useful project for us.

You provide a great service, and excellent designs at very fair prices.

Thanks for keeping this affordable and doable for the masses of us out there. Keep up the great work!"

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