Alternative Home on Whidbey Island, WA

Visited during a summer 2006 open house 

20x24 2 story cottage

Exterior shot with bold backward sloping porch roof.

20 x 24 2-story cabin photos

This 1000 sf compound consists of three small buildings.
The darker building to the right is the main living and great room.
The enclosed covered entry deck did not count in the building footprint. 

pier foundation

This is a view from the side showing the on-demand water heater
and pier foundation reinforcing bolts and plates.

pier foundation

This is inside the little yellow building (office/guest space)

pier foundation

Over under bunks

20 x 24 2-story cabin with bay window

Inside the main (red) building.

pier foundation

Under the covered circulation deck. Living room to the left,
guest/office ahead and Master bedroom on the right

pier foundation

Gate house and ramp into the covered circulation deck

panelized single story home woman built

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