3D Home Architect - Doors & Windows

Not detailed in the manual
Various Door Styles
This "Quick Tutorial" will just show some of the different door styles readily available in 3DHA.
Window on Window
Placing Windows over Windows is actually easy with 3DHA. Take a look and see.
Window Types
Just an example of the diferent types of windows available in 3DHA. (Fixed, Double Hung, Sliding, Casement, etc.)
Window Frames and Lites
How to add Muntins to a normal window to give it that special touch that goes with your home. Also, see how changing your frame sizes affects your windows.
Door Lites - Across and Down
Is the Lites Tab on the Door Specification Dialog Box confusing. This Quick Tutorial should shed some LITE on the subject. Learn the difference between Normal, Diamond, Prairie, and Craftsman style glass doors. This tutorial also applies to windows.
Un-Restricted Doors & Windows
How to move windows and doors beyond the norm. There is nothing that says you can't have an attic access door in a gable wall above another door.
Movable Size & Lite Toggle
Shows how the Movable Size and Lites Toggle properties of the Window object affects the window. Understanding this helped me create an 8' wide x 3' high window with 18" wide movable window sections at each end for my house.