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Reinventing the Foundation for the 21st century

Here are some new foundation systems that are making it easier and cheaper for small crew builders to assemble solid, well-insulated waterproof basements and heated crawlspaces. 

ICF foundation Preassembled ICF forms are supported by adjustable height pads that dial in footings of various heights.

When the wall is filled with concrete the fitted waterproof bag expands to form the footing.

•  concrete protected from moisture.
•  a dry even-tempered basement or crawlspace.

Click image or link below for more info and video

Fab-Form ICF Monopour system


Engineering, supporting, cutting, installing and tying steel rebar reinforcing for walls and footings requires skill and experience. Yet it has long been the only sure way to give the brute force (compressive) strength of concrete the flexability and bending (tensile) strength that is needed to meet modern design specifications. What if there were a new material that we could mix into the concrete to cure and form a new composite material that combines the best chacteristics of both steel and concrete?

helix steel reinforcing

Helix is a short twisted steel "micro-bar" that is mixed directly into the concrete batch before it is poured. It provides uniform reinforcement top to bottom in all directions. Click the image above for a video, or HERE for more descriptive information.

Check locally to see if similar systems are available where you are building and if they have been approved by your inspector. There may even be other synergistic materials that can eliminate placing rebar in residential projects and make solid foundations simpler. 

Combining these systems, builders are reporting 10-20% cost savings over conventional forming and reinforcing. 

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